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An University Experience Unlike Any Other
Unlike other universities in Taiwan, where the main bulk of their students come from neighboring countries and cities, only 10% of the students are local to Kinmen, while the remaining 90% come from countries and cities on Taiwan's main island or from overseas. This massive clash of different cultures is exactly what contributed to the characteristics of the NQU  - young, energetic, yet diverse and tolerant of each other's differences.

The NQU's undeniable appeal to students from outside of Kinmen is closely tied to Kinmen's cultural diversity. Students are often intrigued by one of the three major recurring cultural themes unique to Kinmen. The three major cultural themes which the NQU also bases its entire academic curriculum design on, are Kinm's "Minnan Heritage", "Overseas Chinese  Connections", and "Militant Past"

Students are often intrigued by one of the three major recurring cultural themes unique to Kinmen. The three major cultural themes which the NQU also bases its entire academic curriculum design on, are Kinm's "Minnan Heritage", "Overseas Chinese  Connections", and "Militant Past" 

The NQU provides Kinmen with knowledge covering cultural, economical and political aspects, as well as becoming the ideal institution to produce talents well trained in Taiwan border and Cross-Strait Relations, with a large number of students entering the top universities in Mainland China, East Asia, and Asia-Pacific politics after graduation. 


A Unique Blend of Minnan and Overseas Chinese Heritage
The NQU is the only university in Taiwan situated inside a national park. The rich natural geological features and culture heritages on this thousand year old island makes it seems like a giant playground. 

On Kinmen Island, sorghum and barley are two common crops. The sweeping view of golden barley and sorghum swaying in the wind is quite a sight to behold. In fall and winter months, large numbers of migratory birds fly by the island and huge flocks of geese, ducks, and other waterfowls can be seen in Cih Lake and Jinsha Reservoir.

With sustainability becoming a global UN focus, there is no better place to study than the NQU and Kinmen, where the small island with rich natural resources provides the best classroom for learning about the environment and sustainability. 

In addition to the prominent and well-preserved Minnan architecture seen on the island, the "Western-style House" is another unique architectural feature in Kinmen. Many Kinmen residents in the early days of the island's history had to migrate to other areas in order to earn a living. According to historical figures at the height of migration a quarter of the population in Kinmen had left the island and migrated elsewhere. This large number of Oversea Chinese sealed the status of Kinmen as a capital hometown for Overseas Chinese.


A tolerant and inclusive global village right here on campus
Learning the Chinese language has become a global trend. The NQU can not only provide full academic support from our faculty members in the Department of Chinese Language and Chinese Study, there is also a Chinese Language Center available to students.

The Chinese Language Center main function is to organize study programs, and also serve as advisors to overseas students, providing guidance and insight to other NQU programs. 

Although the number of oversea students only account for 5% of total full time students. The NQU still places equal respect and cultural sensitivity to their needs. For example, The NQU has prayer room set up for its Muslim students also lighting the dome of the Muslim mosque with LED lights and decorations in accordance with the rules of worship.

The Dean of OICA, Yen Yu-Fang stated that "The NQU appreciates the diverse cultures on campus and fully understands and supports all religious beliefs and practices. For Muslim students, NQU understands the significance of Jum'ah on Fridays and will assist in providing the necessary space for our students."

Student clubs and groups offers chance to explore new experiences
Kinmen residents follow a social schedule that changed little since times of war. They are early risers, so business hours also reflect this lifestyle.  It is normal to see streets in Kinmen quiet down shortly after dusk. Fear not, the NQU  provides more than enough club and group activities to leave students with great university memories.

With over 90% of the students coming from places outside of Kinmen, most of the students live on campus so participation in student clubs and groups is common. About one third of the students, or 1,000 of them, currently participates in one or more student clubs.

Currently, there are 60 clubs and academic societies students can choose from. They can be roughly divided into four categories including recreational, service, sports, and academic. There really is a huge variety of clubs for the students to explore. They can find clubs about pop music, guitar playing, Korean language, Korean culture, cooking, coffee brewing, financial license certification and film societies, to name a few.
Many essential social and organization skills which corporations use as hiring criterias cannot be taught in classrooms. Through club operation management and club event organization, the students are able to learn these essential skills, which is critical to their future success in the workplace.
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