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Wu-Zhou College:Torch Bearers of Kinmen Spirit
The Wu-Zhou College is the namesake of Kinmen's former name. It exists as a separate institution within the NQU where holistic education is practiced. The College is an ancient Chinese education system and has been tasked with producing elite intellectuals since ancient times. 

Kinmen once housed four Academies but only two remain today. It is Wu-Zhou College's mission to preserve and pass on the College Spirit inherited from Zhu Xi, a Song Dynasty Confucianism Scholar  who once taught at Kinmen. The College serves as a beacon of knowledge, illuminating the path to cultural renaissance at Kinmen, where it once produced over fifty scholars during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.  

Wu-Zhou College is an elite institution, with admission limited to only 30 freshmen students each year and a high elimination rate. Those admitted to the College come from vastly different disciplines and diverse backgrounds but once admitted, they all live, study, and spend holidays together at the College. 

The four-year Academy program centers around  "Kinmenism" and systematically introduces Kinmen's Minnan culture influence, its connections with Overseas Chinese, and its militant role during WWII. From history to culture, the College pupils will gradually master knowledge on Kinmen Liquor, its food, aesthetics, art, and also Cross-Strait Relations.
The College pupils participate in independent study programs during  summer,  volunteering overseas or domestically, applying the classroom knowledge to actual work and develop a wider perspective.  The College also invites established writers, lecturers, and artists from their respective fields to host overnight master classes with the pupils. Through conversation with these masters, the Academy hopes its students can improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

The Wu-Zhou College employs liberal arts education at its core, through which it hopes to shape its students into adults  who are understanding, respectful, and masters a trade. They will  become the key talents to aid Kinmen in developments and progress, helping the preservation of Kinmen's unique history and culture, living up to the expectations of the ancient scholars. 
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