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Seeing the Future Through Continuous Innovation

"In the past, Kinmen had no university. Like all other Kinmen students, I had to leave home to attend college on the Taiwan main island. The trip to Taiwan on military landing vessels main island was an extremely arduous journey. We traveled in and must endure 20 hours of turbulent waves just to reach Taiwan."

20 years ago Chien-Min Chen, now the President of the National Quemoy University (NQU), returned to Kinmen with a mission in mind to bring in higher education to his hometown. The NQU began as an institute of technology school rose in rank and is now Quemoy University. It bears the hopes and expectations of Kinmen people, both local and abroad, hoping to spread the spirit of Kinmen through education. 

Located only 30 minutes away from Xiamen,  Kinmen has transformed itself from a military stronghold  into an important bridge of communication across the  Taiwan Strait today. The university's Peace Research Center, for example, aims to consolidate the peace across the Taiwan Strait by creating a school of thought infused with Kinmen's unique perspective. There are 165 overseas students  from Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and even Africa. The geographical diversity of students helps  create a global village ambience on campus. 

At the NQU, equal emphases are placed on classroom learning and real-world practice. To better prepare our students for the digital revolution, the College of Science and Engineering has been strengthening  robotics disciplines. Our unprecedented Mixed Reality eSports Center effectiely deelops virtual reality talents, and our Cloud Classroom provides digital-assisted teaching. 

Our College of Management's executive Ph.D program will start to accept enrollment applications in 2021 to help provide doctoral professionals to the businesses and industries in Kinmen.

As Kinmen is an island featuring a happy lifestyle, the NQU  is committed to its  university social responsibilities  to make the island even more livable with the school's Departments of Long Term Care, Nursing, and Social Work to actively involve themselves in community outreach and proivide comprehensive local elderlies.  

In the past, Kinmen residents had to leave Kinmen for work or education, but now 90% of the NQU students come from other places. To better encourage youth participation in local community affairs, an innovative startup program was launched in 2020 to incentivize the NQU students and offshore talents to help resolve Kinmen's social issues with their startup ideas. 

The NQU is committed to talents cultivation all about nurturing talents through cross-disciplinary education. "Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth," said Archimedes, and the NQU   takes pride in providing leverage to students for them to see all the future possibilities .
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