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The Secretariat Office
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The Secretariat Office
Tel: +886-82-313303
Fax: +886-82-313304

Under the guidance of the President, the Secretariat Office is critically engaged in enhancing administrative efficiency as well as executing internal audit plans. We aim to establish medium and long-term development plans to ensure a solid groundwork for NQU’s future path.

The Secretariat Office encompasses a broad range of services, including the scheduling of meetings, the maintaining of public relations and alumni liaison, the organizing of anniversary ceremonies, and the receiving dignitaries. Other than the general administration, the Office also coordinates major events for all NQU administrative and academic units. The complete services of the Office are listed as follows:
• Convene administrative meetings and take minutes.
• Arrange annual events and track the progress of administrative projects.
• Compile and revise administrative regulations.
• Hold press conferences, distribute press releases, and contact correspondents.
• Plan public-relation activities and launch fundraising events.
• Issue announcements about major NQU affairs.
• Collect and organize data needed for annual reports.
• Manage documents for the President.
• Archive the related records about important NQU events in the Museum of School History and release them
  on the website of the Secretariat Office.
• Publish Chinese and English brochures.
• Collect and organize data related to NQU history.
• Post information about the government, invited business leaders and distinguished guests.

Secretary-General: Tsai, Tzung-Shian
Director of Public Relations: Ni, Jhou-Hua
Director of Administrative Services: Weng, Su-Ying
Director of Press Room: Liou, Deng-Jung
Clerk: Hung, Ying-Jie
Clerk: Chen, Ting-Yi
Clerk: Chiou, Wan-Ting
Clerk: Hsu, Chuen-Ting
Clerk: Gung, Guo-Shi
Clerk: Kuo, Szu-Yu
Clerk: Yan, Shau-Luen
Clerk: Yang, Ya-Lan
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