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The Center for General Education
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The Center for General Education
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To help achieve NQU‘s educational goals, the Center for General Education (CGE) aims to enhance students’ abilities and equip them with practical and professional skills. The CGE also seeks to motivate NQU students’ moral sense as well as their interests for human beings and the environment. It is our priority to balance students’ professionalism and human values as well as inspire students’ creativity. We also wish to integrate the University’s missions into the courses. The missions include the enhancement of academic professionalism, the inculcation of the spirit of humanism, the pursuit of unlimited creativity and innovation, the cultivation of global and cross-strait perspectives and the balanced promotion in outstanding Education, research and outreach.

To accomplish the aformentioned missions, the CGE has designed various programs, including professional courses, lectures by the visiting scholars, social activities, sports and games, fine arts, music and cultural events, as well as many other learning opportunities in and outside of the campus. Students are expected to become social elites and leaders in the society with the following capabilities through our programs: (1) Good language and efficient communication skills; (2) solid background knowledge in science, technologies and humanities; (3) general interests in literature and fine arts; (4) critical thinking abilities and the skills and attitudes as a responsible modern citizen; (5) respect for life and a deep sense of ethics; (6) willingness to help others either in their local community or the society. Moreover, all NQU students are required to complete a special course named the “Introduction to Kinmenology”(金門學概論) in their freshman year. In this course, they comprehend the unique and diversified culture of Kinmen through field trips and self-study.
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