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Employment Counseling and Alumni Service Center
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Employment Counseling and Alumni Service Center (ECASC)
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In order to enhance students’ practical learning and provide services to our alumni, the Employment and Alumni Service Center (EASC), a secondary unit under the Office of Research and Development, was established.

Since the inauguration of the new president on August 1, 2018, the EASC has been upgraded to a primary unit and renamed as the “Employment Counseling and Alumni Service Center” (ECASC).

The mission of the ECASC is to implement President Chen’s prospects about “enhancing the practices of the university spirits and humanities education,” as well as “reinforcing the alumni connections and services.”

We aim to integrate academic education with professional training in order to educate students with both professional knowledge and practical competences. Also, it is our priority to develop adaptive career plans for students in order to enhance their future employment competitiveness.

Through alumni services and cooperation, we expect to maintain good interactions with our alumni, integrate their resources and enhance their recognition towards their alma mater. With constant improvements and developments, we expect to holistically reinforce the University’s education, research and administration affairs.

ECASC’s main responsibilities refer to “employment counseling” and “alumni services.” We regularly conduct programs regarding employment counseling and career development. In addition, we assist the alumni association in organizing related events and alumni services.
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