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Office of Research and Development
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Office of Research and Development (ORD)
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The Office of Research and Development (ORD) was established to promote NQU’s development, academic exchanges, cooperative education, as well as the optimization of the research environment and industrial-academic cooperation. ORD is further divided into two divisions, namely the Research and Planning Division and the Industry-University Collaboration Division. It is our priority to assist our faculty, students and other offices in R&D affairs.

Rapid technological innovations highlight the importance of R&D. In the future, research work is no longer a solitary task. It requires integrated research plans, direction and industry-academia collaboration in order to implement the theory into practice.

The missions of ORD are shown as follows: 
• Inspire our faculty’s research potential to improve the quantity and quality of research projects.
• Integrate different academic resources to establish a better environment for both teaching and researching.
• Assist NQU faculty to obtain research projects from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of
  Education and private enterprises.
• Promote industry-academia collaboration to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial practices
  and provide our students with the best learning environment.
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