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Department of International and Mainland China Affairs

        Under the planning and leadership of former President of University, Dr. Li Chin Chen, and Dean Dr. Chen Chine Min, Department of International and Mainland China Affairs was formally established in 2006. Our goal is to cultivate new generations of the country to better prepare themselves as leaders and participating talents on international affairs as well as cross-strait affairs.

        Entering the new era of information and globalization, the developments in the international community and mainland China are pretty fast, showing deeper and deeper interdependence and integrated relationships with each other, while cross-strait relationship being closely related with overall economic and security status in the Asia-Pacific region particularly. With macroscope perspectives of “to set foot in Quemoy, to have cross-straits relations at heart, and to have a global vision,” our Department hopes to play positive roles on fostering harmonious progress of human society and peaceful developments across the Taiwan straits, and on strengthening students’ training on theories and practices. During the Cold War era, Quemoy was the frontier of war and peace. Now in the 21st century, the department hopes to lay foundation of Quemoy’s geostrategic reaches based on the historical context.
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