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Department of Urban Planning and Landscape
Ⅰ. History
The Dept. of Urban Planning and Landscape authorized by the Ministry of Education and established in 2013. It belonged to the College of Humanities and Arts, and nurture professionals in this field. We have enrolled for 2 years, and each class for a year until now. Under the efforts of the first, present chairman, Prof. Dr. Han-hwa Juang , we have working in various academic, administrative institutions and practice offices. With the collaboration of all of our faculty members and students, our department is doing better and better, and establishing higher academic prestige.
II. Academic Position
Besides being devoted to foster students' consciousness of the urban planning and landscape skills, the future establishment of our graduate institute will greatly combine our academic research and practical training so that we can maintain our leading position in the domestic academic field (General & Special Education) .
Our faculty members have long hold the spirits of participating in traditional Village research. We not only do our own researches actively but also work closely with government divisions, local institutions and the third division, helping them draw up and review relative policies and improve the local, community environment. Through different seminars and short-term trainings, we hope to make the experiences pass on and academic exchange possible.
III . Academic Feature
1. Our main goals are as follows
  (1) By the integration of urban planning and landscape, we design specialized courses and techniques and make it a systematic science (Special of the General).
  (2) Enhance the analysis and research of tradition and future resources as well as the profoundness and scope of planning.
  (3) Extend the cooperation and academic exchange of our department and other relative departments, lay the foundation of the ability of solving space problems and other communicative, integrative capability.
Ⅳ. Cross Academic Cooperation
1. Establish international cooperative program on professional urban planning and landscape education
  a. Establish exchange program between faculty and students of our department and related department, research institutes of our sister universities (NCKU, XU).
  b. Establish cross-nation academic exchange and international integrative and cooperative planning program between our institute and foreign institutes.
2. Promoting the integrative project on urban and landscape designing of the Kinmen-Xiamen region
  a. Emphasize the integration and investigation of landscape resources in the Kinmen-Xiamen area and regional research
  b. Emphasize the promotion of multinational research exchange program so that the faculty and students of our department can exchange with members of urban planning and landscape department in well-known universities all over the world.
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