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The College of Health and Nursing
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The College of Health and Nursing
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●Department of Nursing  
●Department of Long Term Care  
●Department of Social Work 

The College of Health and Nursing is the youngest at the NQU. It was established eight years ago in response to a series of long-term care policies and health management trends. The school shoulders the role of training caregivers and social workers for the outlying islands and also assists in the development of the healthcare industry in Kinmen. 

In order to raise healthcare awareness, instill global perspective and professionalism, the College of Health Care emphasizes on both service expertise and technical competency. Each graduate from the College of Health and Nursing are able to immediately join the workforce and contribute to society.  The college structures its curriculums based around 4 core values: 

Applicable Learning: Since students from nursing, long-term care, and social work departments all work directly with patients, seniors, and individual cases. Hence developing service professionalism through the education process is critical. 

Cross-border Learning: Students are encouraged to apply for overseas exchange opportunities. Currently exchange internship opportunities are available with major universities in Mainland such as Xiamen University, Sichuan University, and Jilin University. 

Knowledge Enhancement: The school aims to enhance student knowledge through building better teaching infrastructures, planning longer internship hours and providing assistance with certification exams to strengthen student's professional skills. 

Encourage Creativity: The four years of knowledge gained here not only can be used to provide personal health care and services, but can also be leveraged in entrepreneurial ventures in health care related fields, such as the development of products that incorporate long term care technology or assistive devices.
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