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College of Management
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College of Management
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●Department of Business Administration  
●Department of Tourism Management  
●Department of Sports and Leisure  
●Department of Industrial Engineering and Management 
●Master Program in Business Management, College of Management 
Peter Drucker, the father of modern management once said that management is a complex subject, and the key to good management is not about common sense nor rules of thumb, but rather an organized set of knowledge. 

The College of Management at the NQU systematically divided up knowledge areas basing its curriculum on business management as the foundation, giving focus to real-life applications.  Training students starting with business management as the foundation gradually shifting focus to real-life applications and applying it with using solid business management knowledge base and focus on application, with firm understanding of business management and with focus on actual practice, as well as correlating to the unique characteristics of the outlying island industries. Following the upgrade to university status, the school is becoming ever more closely aligned with the needs for talents in Industrial Engineering and Management. 
The Department of Business Administration places equal emphasis on theory and practice in order to build student's problem-solving and innovation skills. At the same time, the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management uses AI and smart manufacturing knowledge to ready students for future automation management.
Tourism and recreation are an important resource of income in Kinmen. The NQU closely follows the needs of the industries in Kinmen, training professionals in tourism management. Kinmen's Mount Taiwu, rich in natural resources and history, is a real natural classroom for Department of Tourism students. Kinmen also has its own unique Sorghum liquor industry, hence the liquor tasting courses offered at the NQU is also a unique feature of the Tourism Department.  

The College of Management's executive Ph.D program will start to accept enrollment applications in 2021 to doctoral professionals to the businesses and industries in Kinmen.  

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