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Department of Business Administration (Undergraduate, MBA)

The Department of Business Administration aims to foster future leaders and professional elites with innovation and managerial capabilities to work in business industries. The Department consists of a bachelor’s and a master’s degree program. The curriculum focuses on the learning of practical knowledge, business cases and collaborations, language training, and the required competence to conduct research. We integrate theories with practical knowledge by inviting professional experts to lectures and speeches and arranging practical training in various industries. In order to improve our students‘ future competitiveness, we encourage them to acquire IT, English, and business-related licenses and certifications. Successful business models are always one of the best lessons for students. In light of this, the curriculum also includes the demonstration of excellent business cases, practices, concepts, and methods in the industries. In order to initiate business around the world, having English competence is always a plus. Therefore, the Department urges our students to improve their English competence and to take TOFEL and TOIEC tests. We also regulary host international conferences and invite professional experts and academic scholars to enlighten our students with management-related thoughts and ideas. The Department has also set up internship programs for our students. Through the internship programs, students have a glance at the up-to-date business practices of the industry and enhance their overall employability.
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