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School of Professional Education and Continuing Studies

Concept and Principle

Our university is situated on the offshore Kinmen Islands. The concept of continuing education services is to integrate education and research outside the general education curriculum with social services, thereby fulfilling the functions and responsibilities of social education and furthering lifelong education. This includes the two services of promoting and implementing formal continuing education and short-term training continuing education. The School of Professional Education and Continuing Studies seeks to use the advantageous campus location between Kinmen and Xiamen and be responsible for the social education of residents on the Kinmen offshore islands and neighbouring Kinmen and Xiamen areas. We expect to facilitate positive development in the standard of living and social competitiveness of the local community.

Organisational Structure and Task Division

The School of Professional Education and Continuing Studies is organised into two divisions: the Continuing Education Section and the Promotion Section. The tasks of the Continuing Education Section comprise the overall management of services included in formal curricula, such as student counselling, scholarship and bursary applications, student enrolment data updates, management, academic achievement service management, and course selection management. The tasks of the Promotion Section comprise formulating, promoting, and executing various continuing education projects. The goal of the entire organisation structure is to provide comprehensive service for students participating in our formal continuing or short-term training education programs.

Current Status

The current education system and academic units of The School of Professional Education and Continuing Studies are shown in the following table:


1. The goal of our social services is to diversify developments by designing curricula or service contents to fulfil various social demands.
2. We aim to upload all curricula and activity information online and digitalise projects and execution results into a social services database.
3. We aspire to strengthen the service quality of foreign language-related continuing education, establish community foreign language learning mechanisms, provide diverse learning opportunities, connect with international academic institutions, and create increased learning opportunities and channels for the local public.

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