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Office of General Affairs

The Office of General Affairs is in charge of providing both the administrative and academic units of the university with appropriate administrative support and services to build up a proper teaching and research environment on the basis of budgeted funds. In aid of facilitating the ongoing development of the university, the objectives of this office are as follows:

A. enhancing the capacity of administrative information system;
B. improving the efficiency and quality of procurement;
C. fortifying the maintenance and safety of all the premises;
D. implementing the environmental measures on campus;
E. strengthening the greening of the campus.

The responsibilities and current plans of the sections at this office are as below:

I.   Cashier Section
      The section is in charge of services of receipts and payments, fund dispatching of school accounts and preparation
      of related statistical statements. This section has had accounting management computerized, and is working up
      online payment system.
II.  Documentation Section
      The section’s major functions are the processing, expediting and distribution of documents as well as the
      management of seals, mails and archives. The section has recently committed itself to the computerization of
      documentation and archives management.
III. General Services Section
       The major tasks of this section can be divided into three units:
       1)procurement of equipments, office supplies and services;
       2)computerization of tender documentation and internet trading;
       3)management of school’s vehicles, cleaning of campus environment, access and traffic control, telephone
          maintenance, registration and management of land, buildings and property, annual inventory of equipments and
          facilities, as well as management and maintenance of dormitories.
       The renewal of old dormitories and procurement of land adjacent to the campus will be the main objectives of
       the section.
IV. Construction and Maintenance Section
       The section is in charge of construction engineering on campus, including:
       maintenance of civil construction as well as the planning and launch of new engineering; annual maintenance of
       air conditioners, elevators, high voltage facilities, drinking water equipments;
       maintenance of water and power supplies; and small-scale renewal and reconstruction.
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