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Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs Overview:

The Office of Student Affairs encompasses a broad range of services from securing the well-being of students’ campus life to the student’s rights to first-rate education. We take the initiative in developing and refining student conduct and honor code. Our core values are “diversified growth in intelligence,” “health and vitality,” “passion and care,” and “friendly campus.”
With effectual utilization of administrative resources, we integrate our programs with academic units and departments. The Office of Student Affairs is critically engaged in the diversification of learning process to incorporate the student’s academic, social, psychological, ethical, and cognitive education. 


Organization Structure:

The Student Affairs organization includes the following offices:

I.   Extracurricular Activities Section
II.  Physical and Mental Health Care Center
III. Guidance and Counseling Section
IV. Military Education Office

Our Goals:

I.      Promote community service and service learning.
II.    Assist the application for student loans, scholarships, and grants to provide the student with financial support.
III.   Maintain the students’ good mental health by early mental health screening and counseling.
IV.   Provide references for the student’s future career planning and to support advisors in mentoring and
V.    Achieve gender equality and friendly educational environment.
VI.   Provide solutions to students’ complaints and grievances.
VII.  Offer services that promote holistic student development, professional skills, along with effective career
VIII. Guide students through major challenges and get weighed down with the pressures of academic and social life.
IX.   Strengthen campus safety by instructing safety measures and practical tips.
X.    Effectively reduce and manage students’ vulnerability to hazards; enhance and maintain campus security.

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