The Center of Environmental Protection and Safety
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The aims of the Center of Environmental Protection and Safety are to implement the government’s policies regarding the University’s environmental protection and the safety and hygiene practices in of laboratories as well as internship and research units.

The Center of Environmental Protection and Safety was set up to promote the environmental protection as well as the safety and hygiene practices at NQU. We aim to reduce the loss of property resulting from occupational disasters and strengthen the safety management and inspection of machinery and equipment. It is also our mission to establish excellent experimental, internship and research environments to ensure NQU faculty and students’ safety and overall health. Duties of the relevant sections include:

1. The duties of the Environmental Protection and Security Center are as follows:
    • Plan and supervise environmental protection affairs.
    • Plan and supervise the safety and health administration affairs.
    • Plan and supervise environmental protection and safety education programs.
    • Develop occupational disaster prevention plans and supervise the implementation in the related departments.
    • Provide information and advice about environmental protection to the principal.
    • Perform other related business duties.

2. The duties of the Environment Protection section are as follows:
    • Conduct plans for poisonous laboratory chemical management and environmental protection.
    • Guide and supervise periodic inspections, key inspections and evaluation of the working environment.
    • Promote energy-saving policies.
    • Perform other related business duties.

3. The duties of the Safety and Health Section include:
    • Promote and implement educational training programs.
    • Exercise firefighting drills.
    • Assist laboratories and specialized classrooms to establish an automatic inspection system.
    • Conduct investigations and statistical analyses regarding occupational disasters.