Name of Location  
Main Equipment
Researching Room for Graduate Students
Personal computer ×8,
Database server×2,
MATLAB software.
Ruey-Shin Chen
Embedded Robert  Thematic Room
Personal computer×6,
Mobile Robot ×2,
Humanoid Robot and Kinect and Wireless sensor
Omni-direction image Robert.
Hsuan-Ming, Feng
Multimedia Project Research Laboratory
Personal computer ×3,
IBM server x 2
blackboard x 1
Chin-Ju Pan
E318 Personal computers x 8、
Overhead projector x 1、
RFID reader x 1、
DVR System x1、
Solar Power Monitoring System x 1、
Cluster Computer x 1.
Hsi-Chieh Lee
Digital System Laboratory
DE2-70 multi media
PGA/SOC development system ×25LABVIEW software
GPS Network module×20
digital signal processing experiment× 10
Jenq-Der Chen
Multimedia Laboratory E320 MAC-Apple computer ×55,
Two-Way PC training system,
Multimedia courseware.
Chung-Chen Chen
Computer Network Laboratory
Cisco networking equipment (Router × 10, Switch × 10),
Airpcap adapters for wireless packet capture and analysis,
Scanner x1,
Projector and motorized projection screen,
PC x 50,
and classroom surveillance system
Chih-Heng Ke
Embedded Systems Labs Classroom
Personal Computer ×25,
Projector and Motorized Screen,
S3c2410 ARM 9 Experiments Board ×25, GPS/GSM Module,
ICE Simulator for ARM ×19,
DE2 FPGA/SOC Experiments Board ×25, LABVIEW,
LEGO Robot Module ×12,
RFID Module,
Arduino Experiments Kit ×25,
Arduino Robot Car ×10,
Digital Oscilloscope,
Power Supply,
Digital Power Meter,
Signal Generator.
Yu-Xiang Zhao