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Established in 2003

 A Message from the President

 I became involved with this educational institution in 1997. At that time, I was temporarily transferred from National Cheng-Kung University to National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Kinmen Division (former name of National Kinmen Institute of Technology) and appointed to be the director. Within ten years, I committed myself to the preparation of the establishment of National Kinmen Institute of Technology. In 2003, it was approved to become an independent institution and I became its first president. In 2006, I was elected to serve for another term of office. As President of National Kinmen Institute of Technology, I am very pleased to welcome you to our homepage and invite you to browse and share my views. I frequently consider how fortunate this educational institution is! The establishment of this university can be attributed to the insightfulness of the Minister of Education-Wu, Jinn; the determination and courage of President Huang, Kuang-Chih; and the full support of the County’s Head Commissioner. In these years, under the influence of the leadership of the former President Huang, Kuang-Chih and the current President Lin, Jen-Yi of National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, National Kinmen Institute of Technology has inherited well designed systems, and an excellent university academic culture and manners. Having favorable heredity is an innate advantage possessed by the university. It is worth mentioning how fortunate KMIT is to be established in Kinmen, which has been enjoying the reputation described in the following quotation, “The total headcount of men was less than a hundred, however, 36 of them were providing official services at imperial court”. Approximately 800 years ago, lectures of a famous scholar, Chu, Shi in Sung Dynasty, contributed to the formation of a solid academic foundation in Kinmen. Kinmen had the most successful candidates in the highest Chinese imperial civil service examinations. Locating the university in Kinmen is similar to sowing a seed in rich fertile soil. National Kinmen Institute of Technology has been privileged to attract support from many sources, such as The Ministry of Education’s annual budget for school affairs, donations of land and funds from Kinmen County, acceptance of lecturing appointments of the native Kinmen scholars in Taiwan, generous donations from overseas Kinmen immigrants, and the grants from local citizens and military units. All the people mentioned previously have been willing to pioneer the opening chapter of the process of establishing the first university in Kinmen. Meanwhile, the faculty and staff have worked harder than ever with dual responsibilities of teaching and serving. Under the condition of a limited quota of teaching faculty, the university upgraded two-year programs to four-year programs. Moving campus has been another arduous task with limited resources. We moved from the temporary campus to the current site. After the completion of the current construction of the student accommodation, scholar’s accommodation and library, we will have to move again. The motivation behind all this persistence and hard work is based on the value of the true meaning and quality of life. For me, it is a valuable experience to catch the “eternal train” of National Kinmen Institute of Technology. Everyone on this train has his/her destination to reach; however, it is an unforgettable moment when we propel the train together. As a local Kinmenese citizen, what I have done for my native land is my natural duty. The students of National Kinmen Institute of Technology are fortunate to have a beautiful campus without borders, the best teaching faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, etc. For Taiwanese students, there are more than 70 daily flights between Kinmen and big cities in Taiwan. Studying in Kinmen is like studying abroad, however, without the barriers of foreign languages and high living costs. Moreover, Kinmen is geographically located near China. There are more than 20 routine ferries between Kinmen Port and Shiamen; the ferry trips take between 30 and 70 minutes. National Kinmen Institute of Technology is planning to be renamed as National Kinmen University in the near future. We expect to pursue excellence in teaching, research and serving to fulfill the established goals. By shaping the developing skills, we hope to become the R & D center for the local specialties, the research base of Fukien Culture, and the supplier and trainer of high quality human resources for the China market. Under the guidance of the university motto “sincerity, being knowledgeable, fulfillment, and actualization to improve ourselves and to make the world better at the same time”, we aim to become among the best institutions of higher learning, allowing many individuals to fulfill their dreams and contribute to society.

Chin-Cheng Lee

Chin-Cheng Lee,Ph.D.



Aug 5, 2010


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